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  • Financial Planning For Millennials: Why You Should Start Now [Guide]
    financial planning for millennials in arizona
    Younger generations tend to think of financial planning as a complicated process. Financial planning used to just be associated with the seniors who are preparing for retirement. And even those millennials who are interested saving, they are often torn with the idea of YOLO: You Only Live Once. They want to save, but they also want to experience the high life while they are young. Only if they will give financial planning for millennials in Arizona a chance, will the realize they can enjoy the best of both worlds.

    These competing desires are the usual culprits to millennials’ failure to save or plan their finances for the future. But if they would just realize the power that’s currently in their hands, saving would probably as easy as haphazard betting on a poker game.

    A lot of young people nowadays claim that they have the tools to manage
    Curtis Ray
    Dec 11, 2018
  • [10 Reasons] Why Suncor Financial Is the Best Option for Millennials Saving for Retirement
    millennials saving for retirement in arizona
    The millennial generation and finance advising don’t seem to mix for some, much so with the idea of retirement. But this generation popular for their “You Only Live Once” mantra shouldn’t be written off as financially irresponsible. In fact, 58% of this younger generation is saving up for their retirement. That could be a fairly low percentage now, but it offers a glint of hope to millennials saving for retirement in Arizona.

    We, at Suncor Financial, are inclined to lend millennials a helping hand in planning their future. All we want is to turn your savings into a profitable fund that will flow all the way through your retirement.

    Still, we have to admit that aside from college debts and starting a family, the financial turmoil the economy experienced in the past years are deal-breakers. Millennials grew skeptic about investing after
    Curtis Ray
    Dec 10, 2018
  • [10 Things] to Look for in a Millennial Financial Advisor
    Financial Planning For Millennials in Arizona
    The catchphrase “Not Your Father’s Financial Advisor” has become a pop culture reference to millennials wanting to find an advisor that will cater to their modern interests. But as the most seasoned financial advisors get close to retirement, it’s becoming more challenging to attract millennials to invest in a financial plan. Retirement planning for millennials seems to be a far-fetched idea to many. Retirement, as tied to old age, is something the younger generation isn’t apt to wrap their heads with.

    This mindset is where the problem stems. The majority of the millennial generation doesn’t think about retirement until old age sets in. According to the National Institute on Retirement Security, about 66% of millennials, or those in the age of 21-32, don’t have anything saved for their retirement years. Retirement seems to be a
    Curtis Ray
    Oct 04, 2018
  • How Much Millennials Need to Save to Retire Comfortably [Guide]
    Retirement planning for millennials
    Millennials are not total slaves of their financial burdens. Some can save for retirement early on, if they can afford to, to say the least. Retirement planning for millennials seems to be a premature topic to discuss, but the fast folding of years can only tell how urgent it is to take place. 

    Looking at the retirement needs of those born from 1982 to 2004, the financial institution JP Morgan has come up with a rough calculation. But before the number soup, let's have a quick look on the obstacles millennials are going to face before retirement.

    Unstable jobs

    Over the years, automation is the number one enemy of most manual jobs. And it's surprisingly present even on this tech-advanced era. During a millennials lifetime, his job is subject to be replaced by computer-powered equipment. This impacts his ability to meet the needed
    Curtis Ray
    Aug 24, 2018
  • How Marketing Financial Services to Millennials Revealed a Winning Formula for Digital Audiences [Guide]
    millennials saving for retirement

    Marketing a certain product or service to millennials is an interesting task. Thought to be a very "gullible" generation, marketers think that it doesn't take much effort to cash on the millennials' purchasing power. However, the game changes when it comes to financial services. A big chunk of the millennial population has trust issues with established banks. Not to mention their quite flimsy financial status, it's somehow difficult to tickle their interest for financial services.

    Millennial financial decisions

    There's one rule about dealing with millennials: avoid underestimating their role in the financial world. Many of these young minds are brains behind startups and promising business. All these are your potential clients to a financial service. You should also understand that being a millennial is also tied up to the era of different
    Curtis Ray
    Aug 21, 2018