Financial Services for Millennials in Arizona

Financial Planning for Millennials in Arizona
SunCor Financial offers the best financial services for millennials in Arizona. We specialize in retirement as well as life insurance. Here are more details about our services.

Retirement Planning

About 42% of millennials have not prepared for retirement. Even if retirement is still a distant thought, it's still a better idea to build your wealth as soon as possible.

SunCor Financial specializes in retirement planning. We have developed our own patented financial system specially created to help millennials get ready for their retirement. We call this the Maximum Premium Indexing or MPI.

Learn the proper way to take advantage of compounding interest, lower fees, and maximize returns. The earlier you begin planning and saving for retirement, the more you can reap the benefits of SunCor's patent pending system.

MPI is the process of leveraging your own money inside of a retirement plan and pitching it back into your retirement plan. This occurs annually at a particular amount of money to optimize the long-term results. SunCor Financial and affiliates manage this process to make sure it's performed professionally and precisely.

The results? A person's retirement income can increase from the basic 4% Rule to 15% income, a close 400% increase in retirement living. To explain more clearly, one can generate up to four times the retirement income of a traditional 401k/IRA with less risk by leveraging your assets and accomplishing extra gains.

How are millennials saving for retirement? The short answer is a personalized financial plan. Of course, you need to meet your SunCor Financial Advisor and complete your financial profile. After we know your present situation and goals, we'll create a personalized financial plan for you.

Your financial plan will include practical steps on where to allocate your cash and how to take benefit of all available retirement features. Of course, your advisor will keep track on your progress and update on any new important actions to achieve your financial goals.
millennials saving for retirement in Arizona

Not A Millennial? It's Not A Problem!

Although it's ideal to start planning for your retirement 20 years ahead, it's not too late for you. SunCor Financial has programs for late retirement planners. Regardless of your age, prepare your financial future with a solid financial planning.

If you're part of the majority who have fewer savings, then you need to reduce your expenditures to save more in your retirement accounts. You can also consider reducing your housing costs by moving to a more affordable home or refinance your current mortgage.

To boost your cash flow, find other income channels. Consider getting a second job. It may be difficult to work for a second job at your age but it can still give you an extra income. As much as possible, look for comfortable jobs where you put less time and effort.

Another way to get more income is to search for passive income opportunities. You can make a business or rent your vacant room. The challenge, however, is to take fewer risks because of the time factor. But if you have a solid financial plan in place, you can create calculated risks.

Let one of the SunCor Financial Advisors meet you and complete your financial profile. They'll help you create a personalized financial plan to reach your financial goals.
Inheritance Planning Services

Inheritance Planning

Most of us want to leave something valuable behind to our loved ones when we pass. While it's not a thought that everyone welcomes right now, it's a good idea to prepare your inheritance planning.

Inheritance planning isn't only the creation of a valid will. It's a personalized plan that also counts your assets, financial condition, and personal risks. It's a plan that makes sure that your assets are organized effectively so that they can be transferred to the people you left behind, while at the same time reducing the estate tax and eliminating excessive regulations.

Here are some things you need to consider about inheritance planning:

  • Is your Will updated and reflects your current wishes? Major developments in your life may invalidate your Will. When these major changes happen, it's important that you tell your solicitor to modify your Will.
  • Special provisions. You're free to choose any person to be your beneficiary. If you want some of your beneficiaries to get more or less share, create special provisions.
  • Take care of the assets not covered by the Will. Inheritance planning doesn't cover all assets on the Will. Such assets include superannuation funds and separate trust. These assets should be handled separately.

SunCor has a patent pending financial system called Maximum Premium Indexing MPI that gives you the tools and knowledge essential to protect your inheritance from high taxes and fees.

Savings for Children's Future

A Bright Financial Future For Your Children

One of the best things you can provide to your children is to give them a good head start in retirement savings. SunCor's financial experts can help you offer a savings boost for your family. For as little as $25 per month set aside, you could make a complete financial freedom for your children.

The earlier your kids will start saving for retirement, the faster for them to reach their financial target. More importantly, a person who begins saving as a child helps create a good savings habit until his or her adult years.

There's no minimum age at which you can start establishing a retirement account. However, state regulation may prevent a child from creating a retirement account on or her own. In situations such as this, SunCor Financial will allow the child's parent or legal guardian to create a retirement planning account for a minor.

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