Maximum Premium Indexing (MPI™)


The Pure Art of Leveraging


In the world of business and money, no single theory has ever produced more results and wealth than the art of leveraging your assets in order to maximize the returns. This process produces additional gains on your money (called margin or arbitrage). In other words, your money is making you additional money above the standard rates of return. Quoting Richie Norton, “When we leverage, we aggregate and organize existing resources to achieve success.”

MPI allows you to leverage your own cash value within a retirement plan and recontributing the money back into your retirement plan. This process occurs each year at a particular amount of money to get the best long-term results. By giving back the leveraged cash into your own retirement plan, you have grown the amount of cash in your account and gain an additional interest over your basic rates of return.

Over 20 years, this extra gain in interest generates a notable output in retirement income. Suncor Financial will manage this process to make sure that it's performed professionally, accurately, and optimized your advantage. The results? Your retirement income can increase by 15%, which is 4x more than the traditional IRA.

The richest and most successful people on earth can attribute their success on their ability to leverage their assets in order to achieve more success. These assets can include money, time, employees and other various resources that influence productivity and growth. However, with this leveraging of assets comes a substantial amount of risk. The 2008 market crash in the banking and real estate sector happened, in part, due to over-leveraging. Banks and real estate institutions leveraged their assets in order to create more wealth.

When the great dip in the market arrived, the additional money gained through leveraging did not outweigh the losses experienced through the market dip. As a result, many banks required a “bailout” and the real estate market saw a massive spike in short-sales and foreclosures. The massive risk with leveraging is no one truly knows when market dips will happen or when to cash out. Because of this inability to predict the future, most people don’t realize the dip is coming until it is too late. With leveraging one’s assets, the dip has double the negative impact. Not only does one lose a portion or all of their current asset, but also owe interest or other liability because of the leveraging. In short, it is a devastating double whammy. For this reason, few people have the knowledge or skill to leverage their assets without incurring a tremendous risk.

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What if there were a system that maximized the art of leveraging without the internal risk of market dips? What if this system was made simple so everyone could take advantage of it? Would you want to know about it? Through years of research and development, SunCor Financial has exclusively launched the revolutionary and Patent-Pending system called “Maximum Premium Indexing” or MPI

The MPI system allows for the best of both worlds: maximum returns with maximum security. Unlike the bank or real estate institutions that over-leveraged in 2008, an individual through the MPI system has the opportunity to leverage their assets and increase their returns without the traditional risk of leveraging. One might ask how is this possible? This ability to leverage without risk comes from a special feature built into the MPI system. This feature is called the 0% Floor (Refer to “0% Floor- The Ultimate Retirement Feature” Blog for more info). The 0% floor is a unique feature inside the MPI System that guarantees an individual to never absorb stock market dips due to poor market performance.

In short, the worst hit a client can take to their account is a 0% credit in any given year. Unlike the massive -40% hit a traditional IRA took in 2008, the 0% Floor provides an unmatched feature with this 0% guarantee. Although not taking hits into your account is a great protection and security in one’s financial plan, it doesn’t necessarily produce more cash to the account in the long run. Security is an important value for all retirement plans however the 0% Floor provides something even more influential: the ability to leverage assets and increase returns without additional risk. Leveraging assets would traditionally be considered extremely aggressive financial behavior but because of the 0% Floor feature, it has transformed it to a conservative financial behavior. As the world has seen an unprecedented availability to knowledge, technology, and improved ways of living, the innovative MPI System has modernized the stale world of Financial Planning.

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How influential is leveraging your current money to your financial plan? This leveraging opportunity accomplished through the exclusive MPI system is so impactful that an individual’s retirement income can increase from the traditional 4% Rule (Refer to The Invisible Handcuff Blog for more information) to 15% income, a near 400% increase in retirement living. In other words, by leveraging your assets and achieving additional gains, one can produce up to 4x the retirement income of a traditional 401K/IRA with less risk. Because the 401K/IRA are traditionally bound by the 4% rule, it can never produce sufficient income for financial freedom and independence. Because the MPI™ retirement plan can yield up to 15% income for life of account value, anyone can truly achieve complete financial freedom in retirement. 

To illustrate, $500,000 in a traditional IRA retirement account can yield up to $20,000/year (4% Rule) or up to $75,000/year using MPI System. No other system available in the world allows for safe and secure leveraging to maximize the returns, which is what makes this process so special. Anyone can achieve the retirement they have always dreamed of by having an income in retirement equal to or more than before retirement. MPI™ is the only system to provide these types of long-term, sustainable, and secure 15% retirement income for life.

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