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financial services for millennials in Arizona
About 42% of millennials haven't started saving for retirement because this seems to be a far away thought at the moment. When you just started your job and paying your student loans, getting a retirement plan is impossible. However, if you start now, you have a better chance of building your wealth for your retirement.

SunCor Financial offers excellent financial services for millennials in Arizona. We specialize in retirement planning for millennials. Here's how it works.

Step 1

Meet Your Advisor

The first step is to meet your SunCor Financial Advisor. Tell your advisor about your current situation and financial goals. Before meeting with your advisor, you should create a list of concerns you have. You need to come prepared with information about your personal finances and be prepared to talk about your goals.

Here are some tips when meeting your advisor:

Learn the basics. You should engage the conversation with a fundamental understanding of finance and savings. You don't need to make a whole retirement plan by yourself or be an expert. Be sure to know the basics of all financial products.

Share your figures. Know how much cash you have and estimate your expenses. Your advisor can help you better if you share more figures on your finances. It would be impossible to give proper and specific advice if your advisor doesn't know your total assets.

Share your goals. Sit and talk with your advisor about your retirement and financial goals. In the financial world, higher returns mean more risks.

Ask questions. It's imperative that you prepare a list of questions beforehand so you'll know what to ask when you sit down with your advisor.

Open your mind. Keep an open mind when taking advice from your advisor.

After your advisor completes your financial profile, we'll create a personalized financial plan. Having a personalized financial plan will let you discover a whole new work of probabilities in managing your assets.
Financial Planning for Millennials in Arizona

Step 2

Get Your Plan

Your plan and future plan updates will show you how to apportion your money and how to make use of all retirement features. By having a personalized financial plan to meet your goals, you'll have a bigger confidence in your life's direction and begin to enjoy your life more. You'll also have peace of mind through knowing that your future is right on track.

Savings is one of the easiest ways to prepare for your retirement. Setting up a savings account can help you ensure that you remember to save regularly. However, once you begin saving, there are a lot of things you can do help it grow.

For example, you can build your finances on rental income. While the property may depreciate over time, it does offer a good source of additional income. You may also develop a budget for your expenses and a create an emergency fund for unforeseen events.

Paying your debts is one of the most significant steps to fulfilling your financial plan. If you have any debts, make sure that you allocate a budget for their repayment because they will only rise if you don't pay them off.

SunCor Financial specializes in retirement planning in Arizona. Our financial strategies even perform better than the traditional 401ks and IRAs. We created a system where you can maximize the art of leveraging your assets without the risk of market declines.

In the financial world, there's no single theory that generated more gains than the skill of leveraging your assets. These assets may include money, time, and other resources that impact growth. However, with asset leveraging also comes a great amount of risk.

Through many years of research, we had developed the most secure leverage system, called Maximum Premium Indexing (MPI™). MPI is the process of leveraging your own money value inside of a retirement plan and giving it back into your retirement plan. Leveraging your current cash to your financial plan may increase your retirement income by almost 400% with less risk.
SunCor Financial Advisor

Step 3

Keep On Track

The final step is to monitor your progress towards your goals. Once you received your personalized financial plan, we won't leave you just yet. Your advisor will keep track on your progress and tell you when there are significant measures to take.

If you encounter a major change in your life, like losing a job, you should tell your advisor immediately so she or he can modify your plan accordingly. How often you get in contact with your advisor depends on the outset of your relationship. In our practice, we schedule a yearly checkup to ensure that your plan remains updated.

We don't advise meeting too frequently. Once you implement your financial plan, you should only need to modify it when there are changes to your situation. You don't want to stress yourself in financial developments that won't affect your financial plan, like the stock market decline in a day.

It's best to turn off the media and ignore the negativity. If you know that you have secured a good long-term financial plan, you don't need to listen to all the drama on the news. They often provide the extreme views of an event, rather than the more neutral features of it.

While it's essential to keep updated on the recent market conditions, the daily debate may shift your focus to short-term developments rather than the large picture. Don't get exposed to things that will cause you to switch off your personalized financial plan. Stick to it and we'll guide you along the way.

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