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SunCor Financial
SunCor Financial, LLC is a financial services and retirement planning company. Our slow, steady, simple and secure financial strategies produce up to four times the retirement income compared to traditional retirement plan options like a 401k or IRA.

The Trends of the Current Financial Sector

About 20% of people won't retire in their life because they have no savings to support them. The financial future of 33% of Americans is bleak given that they have no retirement planning prepared. The majority of Americans are lacking in retirement planning thinking that it's a distant idea.

The average income in retirement is $32,000. It's devastating that 40% of retirees are impoverished as they rely on Social Security alone. It's forecasted that Social Security will decline in 2043. That's why you need to start preparing for your financial future as early as now.

Our Strengths

Personalized Financial Plans for Everybody
After meeting with our advisors, we'll develop a financial plan that suits your needs. A personalized financial plan offers a lot of benefits and one of them is the ability to manage your finances. You may abhor the idea of budgeting but it will help you increase your savings for the future.

In financial planning, saving is greatly involved to help build a more secure future. A good retirement plan will help you create security when you retire from your job.

Other areas that your personal financial plan might cover include inheritance planning, starting a retirement account for your children, and programs for later retirement planners.

starting a retirement account for your children

High Returns Via The MPI™ System

Asset leveraging is the best way to get high returns. However, this financial strategy may involve a large amount of risk. If you want to avoid the internal risk of market declines, SunCor Financial offers the innovative and Patent-Pending system called Maximum Premium Indexing or MPI™.

The MPI™ system allows you to achieve high returns with maximum security. Unlike the traditional way of leveraging assets, MPI™ gives you the chance to leverage your assets and maximize your returns without the usual risk of leveraging. How? This is all thanks to the special feature known as the 0% Floor.

The 0% Floor ensures that you'll never get impacted by any stock market declines due to poor market performance. Simply put, the worst hit that you can get to your account is a 0% credit in any provided year.

Generates 4x More Income Than Your IRA

Unlike the traditional IRA that can only increase your retirement income to 4%, MPI™ can get you an increase of  up to 15%. This is almost a 400% increase in your retirement living. In other words, you can generate up to 4x more retirement income than the standard 40k/IRA with maximum security.

This great increase in your income can let you have more financial freedom after retirement. The best news is, you can get this high retirement income with less risk. Let SunCor Financial and affiliates help you manage this process to make sure that it's performed accurately.

Affordable Costs

SunCor Financial offers several services including retirement planning, inheritance planning, and late retirement programs. The good thing is you can get all these financial services at a very low cost. Together with an expected generation of high returns, you get the best value in meeting your financial goals.

the best value in meeting your financial goals

Life Insurance Protection

SunCor Financial also offers life insurance protection to protect our family. This isn't only about the money but it's also about freeing yourself from any anxiety for the future. In case you die, your family won't suffer the financial consequences of paying outstanding debts and paying mortgages.

Life insurance is perfect if you're married, have kids or own an enterprise. Elderly couples may need life insurance to shield your retirement savings from being depleted in case of unforeseen medical expenditures. If you have a lot of assets, you may also want a life insurance to help minimize the impacts of estate taxes or to transfer properties to the people you left behind.

You and your family's financial needs may dictate how much life insurance you should get. Some experts recommend that coverage should worth at least 7-10x your annual income. So if you have an annual income of $100,000, your life insurance coverage should be at least $700,000-$1,000,000.

Yearly Plan Evaluations

Once you have your personalized financial plan, we won't leave you to fend alone. Our advisor will monitor your progress and tell you anything that you need to improve. If you encounter any big changes in your life, like getting unemployed, tell your SunCor advisor immediately so we can modify your financial plan.

How frequent you get in touch with your advisor relies on the start of your relationship. In our practice, we conduct an annual evaluation to make sure that your plan stays up to date. We don't necessarily want you to meet us too often because of some minor changes, like the stock market dip, won't impact your financial plan.

On-Demand Support

SunCor Financial is where individuals and families consult for financial knowledge. We offer easy, advanced methods that work. If you have any question, you can contact us here. Simply write your name, last name, email, and phone number.

If you don't like to wait, you can call us at 480-530-5840. We will schedule a date for a free consultation and meet one of our retirement specialists. You can tell everything about your present situation and goals then we'll make a personalized financial plan just for you.

Once you can get hold of your personalized financial plan, we'll help you along the way in accomplishing your financial goals. Our advisors are more than willing to monitor your progress. As mentioned above, we'll conduct annual plan evaluations and modify your plan in case of any major changes in your life. Get a Free Consultation Today!

Failure of the Current Financial Sector

  • 20% People will never retire in their life
  • 33% of Americans have no retirement planning
  • 80% of American are behind in sufficient retirement planning
  • $32,000 average income in retirement
  • 40% of Retirees live in poverty (Social Security alone)
  • Social Security estimated to deplete in 2043