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  • [10 Reasons] Why Suncor Financial Is the Best Option for Millennials Saving for Retirement

    millennials saving for retirement in arizona
    The millennial generation and finance advising don’t seem to mix for some, much so with the idea of retirement. But this generation popular for their “You Only Live Once” mantra shouldn’t be written off as financially irresponsible. In fact, 58% of this younger generation is saving up for their retirement. That could be a fairly low percentage now, but it offers a glint of hope to millennials saving for retirement in Arizona.

    We, at Suncor Financial, are inclined to lend millennials a helping hand in planning their future. All we want is to turn your savings into a profitable fund that will flow all the way through your retirement.

    Still, we have to admit that aside from college debts and starting a family, the financial turmoil the economy experienced in the past years are deal-breakers. Millennials grew skeptic about investing after witnessing the Great Recession and more economic fiascos this country encountered.

    But all these are just part of the dim past. Would you let it stop you from securing a financially stable retirement? Here at Suncor Financial, we won’t let that happen. And as the leading service provider for millennials saving for retirement in Arizona, here’s the reason why we’re the best pick:

    1. A patented financial system

    We recognize that retirement and investments requirements grow more demanding over time. This is the reason why we came with the Maximum Premium Indexing (MPI). What we offer is a secure leverage that will increase your income more than what the traditional leveraging can give. This is made possible through the 0% Floor feature of the MPI system that shields our clients from stock market dips. The worst hit you can experience is 0% credit in a year. NO reduction, just a skip during the worse times.

    2. Four times more retirement income

    Using the MPI system, we leverage your money within your retirement plan and pitch it back to the same plan. This is a yearly cycle for a specific amount of money with guaranteed long-term results. Here at Suncor, we will ensure that you will enjoy 15% income and not the traditional 4%. To give you a picture, that’s close to 400% at retirement living.

    3. A system tailored for millennials

    We, at Suncor Financial, know that millennials have different needs than the older folks. They have a different view of investing and retirement. We always target to channel your energy and income into the best investments. Our financial advisors are well-equipped and experienced to handle millennial clients. Financial planning can be too technical, but our team will be your wingman toward a sound financial status. Just contact us and we’ll plan your financial model.

    retirement planning for millennials

    4. Inheritance planning

    Inheritance? Sounds early for that, right? But this always goes hand in hand with retirement. Together with a secured retirement fund, you would want to leave something behind for your loved ones. This is your savings living up more than the traditional retirement funding usually do. But this isn’t just a typical Will. Inheritance planning will include a personalized plan that protects your assets. In Suncor, we offer total peace of mind regardless of your age.

    5. Brighter future for your kids

    Are you planning to get married? You’d want to give your kids a brighter future for sure. Giving your children a nice head start by saving early will be the best decision. Take note that a growing family also has increasing expenses. With a savings fund earning regularly, your family will experience a financial boost. In fact, for as low as $25 a month, you can already secure the financial freedom of your kids. The earlier you start saving, the better it will be!

    6. Personalized and not salesy

    A salesy approach is boring and unappealing. We know that millennials want innovative solutions to their problems – including their financial woes. At Suncor, we ensure that all our financial plans will be personalized to every client’s needs and requests. Our advisors are more than happy to hop an extra mile to deliver the service you’ll be comfortable and satisfied at. You just have to inform us of your situation and we will find ways to find the solutions that suit you.

    7. Affordable service cost

    A lot of financial planning companies have exorbitant rates. But how can you start planning your finances if the service fee is too steep? Here at Suncor, we live by the principle of helping our clients achieve financial freedom. You don’t have to ditch you small luxuries just to pay for our service. With a competitive pricing and guaranteed returns, retirement planning for millennials has never been this good.

    8. Lifetime protection

    Again, Suncor Financial is all about peace of mind. With our life insurance protection, your family and assets are safe whatever happens to you. Be it accidents or worse, your hard-earned money will always go to the rightful dependents. You don’t have to wait before you insured your assets for life. You’ll never know when unexpected events will put you in a compromising situation. A little investment today can make a big difference in a matter of years.

    9. Easy and quick support

    Are you tired of financial advisors you can’t contact when you need them the most? Our Suncor advisors are always open for your questions. Just send us your query together with your full name, contact number, and e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Even after you get your personalized financial plan, our advisors will be closely monitoring your assets.

    10. Free consultation

    Do you want to be one of the millennials saving for retirement in Arizona? All you have to do is send us your details through our website and one of our advisors will schedule a meeting with you – everything for free. You’ll only pay the moment you sign up for our service.

    Retirement planning for millennials doesn’t have to be taxing and inconvenient. If you want to start saving for your future, you can call us and we will do the job for you.
    Curtis Ray
    Dec 10, 2018
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